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natural stone

Our Services:

Stone surfaces that receive a lot of wear will eventually develop traffic lanes. These floors, if left alone, will eventually require a full restoration of the entire area. If addressed early steps can be taken to minimize the cost while maintaining a consistent look over a long period of time.

Limestone, marble, granite, and terrazzo will develop these wear patterns eventually. Frequent vacuuming with a canister type unit and cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner will extend the life of these floors considerably.

Once these surfaces are restored, we recommend that an Impregnator be applied. Since this material lies below the surface of the stone, it does not add to or detract for the look of the stone. It does, however, greatly reduce the chances of liquids such as fruit based drinks from staining the surface.

Concrete surfaces such as patios and garage floors offer many opportunities to upgrade and improve the ordinary look of these areas. Garage's can be stained one color, or the concrete scored, and multiple colors then can be applied. Another alternative would be to grind the floor to a smooth surface using industrial diamonds that remove a thin layer of the old concrete, then hone, and finally polish the floor to a high gloss. One more alternative is to stain the polished concrete with a non-etching stain that will add color and beauty to for a great new look.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Let us show you what can be done with all of your stone and concrete surfaces.

natural stone